Hazleton Ambulance Crew Deploys to Jersey

When duty calls, close by or far from home, emergency personnel step up to the plate to help. Four ambulance workers from Greater Hazleton headed out to New Jersey to lend a helping hand to those who were ravaged by Super Storm Sandy. Paramedic Michael McMahon is one of the Paramedics on the ground in Jersey from A-P-T-S Ambulance in Hazleton. The local crew joined a convoy of about 15 other ambulances from Northeast PA earlier this week. Their destination was Egg Harbor Township in New Jersey where an E.O.C. or Emergency Operations Center is set up.  Its near the Barrier Islands…one of the hardest hit by the hurricane. McMahon and the others have been there since late Tuesday night and have already gone on a number of missions. News 13 talked with McMahon over the phone who described this deployment as one of the toughest yet and didn’t know just how long the PA crews would be there. McMahon and  A-P-T-S workers have been sent to other areas across the Country in the past to help after weather disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina. McMahon says he is just happy to be able to help out his colleagues and the people of New Jersey as they deal with widespread destruction and loss. The paramedic said his unit and the others are actually stepping in for New Jersey based ambulance crews to handle the normal call volume, while they get some much-needed rest.


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