Hazle Township Crash

An accident in Hazle Township tied up traffic for a short time as a
Medical helicopter landed right on the highway to take a victim to a
trauma center. It happened at the intersection of Route 424 and Route
309 right around noon. At first witnesses reported there being no
injuries but as an emergency worker arrived on scene, he confirmed one
of the drivers was suffering seizures and thats when a medical
helicopter was summoned to the scene. That driver was 31 year old
Sarah Eisenman of Hazleton. The driver of the other vehicle involved
was 52 year old Michael Menghinin, he was not hurt. Fire crews shut
the intersection down and had the helicopter land right on the highway
for a quicker transport. Troopers tell News 13 that Menghinin was on
424 east approaching route 309 when Eisenman, who was west on 424
turned right into the path of Mengini onto 309.

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