Happening Now: Police Vehicle Involved in accident

At about 10a.m., A Hazleton City Police vehicle was involved in an
accident with a Scooter type vehicle. Witnesses said the Police SUV was
traveling West on Broad, the Scooter was on Laurel and ran a red light
colliding with the Police vehicle. News 13 has learned that the Chief of
Police Frank DeAndrea was behind the wheel of the Police car. He was not
hurt. The man driving the Scooter was 80 year old Walter Boss of Drums.
He was alert at the scene but was flown to a trauma center. At this
11:30 hour, police are reconstructing the scene of the accident and
Broad street at Laurel is closed to all traffic. News 13 will have much
more live at 4:00 p.m.

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