Funfest Safe…For Now!

Will Hazleton’s Funfest go on as planned? The street fair is safe this
year and as it stands, is also safe for years to come, for now…
An ordinance that Funfest officials said would bankrupt the street fair
was not voted into law Wednesday night, however, its not off the table,
just put on hold. Wednesday’s meeting was heated as it was a war of
words between supporters of the event and some council members.***
*It was back and forth for more than an hour, and at times, there was
even yelling.
The seats in council chambers mostly made up of Funfest officials and
supporters who showed up in force to try and convince council NOT to
pass the controversial ordinance that would put stipulations on parades
and events in the City, basically charging for any of the City’s
services like Police coverage, Streets workers and Code enforcement…an
organization or group would need to obtain a permit from the City to
host any type of event outside in public areas… such as City streets,
and parking lots…
Funfest officials were the first to speak out against the ordinance,
saying if council voted it into law, Funfest would go bankrupt*.***For
now, Funfest is safe and WILL take place this year and possibly even for
years to come, but the key words are FOR NOW. Council decided to hold
off on a final vote until members could meet with Funfest officials,
however, the ordinance is NOT off the table.Council is expected to vote
on the Ordinance in October.

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