Freeland Meth Lab Update

The man responsible for a Christmas night tragedy headed back to court today for his preliminary hearing. You may remember the blaze in Freeland that chased six people from their Alvin Street home, including an elderly neighbor. The fire was sparked by 41-year-old Jeffrey Deyo Sr, who was attempting make methamphetmine inside of the duplex. Police escorted Deyo Sr. into Judge Gerald Feissner’s office Friday morning, after picking him up at the Luzerne County Correction Facility, where he is paying time for a similar crime that happened in Wilkes-Barre. Deyo faces a number of felony charges including reckless endangerment of children. He’ll answer to the charges on June 13.Freeland Police say Deyo sparked the dangerous fire as a result of a meth-making- mishap and discovered his connection to the fire shortly after the Alvin Street home burned. Deyo left the burning home before firefighters, emergency medical services and police arrived.

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