Family Mourns Murder-Suicide Victims

Stacy A. Walton

Almost 10 months after a horrible tragedy, it’s still difficult for the family of a victim of a murder-suicide to address what happened.  Stacy Walton, 41 and her estranged husband, 51 year old John Walton were found shot to death in their home in Butler Township back in December of 2012.  While they both died of a single gunshot wound, it took months of forensic testing to determine exactly who was the shooter, and who was the victim. Police have ruled that John Walton shot his wife then turned the gun on himself.

Now that police have confirmed the deaths, Stacy Walton’s family has released a statement.

“It was her husband that used it (the gun) to make sure that Stacy would never leave him…. What she endured the hours before he killed her can only be characterized as torture,” the family said.

 The family calls the acts vicious and vile, saying John literally had Stacy’s blood on his hand. Before their deaths Stacy and John were going through a divorce. Stacy had no contact abuse order against her husband almost a year before the shooting. While the family says all she wanted was to live a life of peace they hope this tragedy will be a lesson to others in domestic abuse violence cases.




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