Ex-Minsec Resident Arrested

Police have arrested a man who is no stranger to the law. He first came
to Hazleton as a resident of Minsec where he was serving out his prison
term for some serious crimes. It seems when he was released from the
downtown Hazleton halfway house, he decided to stay and now calls
Hazleton his home. Police say he is already causing trouble again. 32
year old Justin McGarr was first caught by city police after attempting
to use a stolen credit card at a local CVS Pharmacy. Police then learned
the Archbald area native was going to the Hazleton YM/YWCA to work out
where he stole personal items right out of the lockers of other Y
members. McGarr’s time in Minsec was related to an extensive criminal
background which includes resisting arrest, assault, and various drug
charges. After McGarr’s arrest on Sunday, he also gave police a hard
time while at city hall where he challenged police and was combative.

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