DEP Visits Hazle Township

hazle twp dust meeting

Several residents from one part of Hazle Township came out in full force Tuesday afternoon to voice their concerns over what they are calling a dirty situation. News 13 stopped by the Hazle Township Commons Building where DEP Officials were listening to residents who aren’t too happy. The problem people who live near the Glenn Hawbaker Company have deals with the dust and dirt that they say is taking over their lives and their town. Resident Earl Berger told News 13, the DEP  is now listening to residents  and knows they are not going away! Berger adds, the DEP has started controlling the problem and residents are 75% better. Colleen Connolly from the DEP was on hand for the meeting and said the agency is working on putting regulations in place. Many residents that spoke out at the meeting said their quality of life is becoming worse. Residents are worried about breathing in the dust and dirt that is plaguing their neighborhoods. DEP Officials said they will be keeping residents informed on any problems that happen with the company.

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