Dry Crops Could Drain Your Wallets

Dry Crops

The unbearably hot weather usually comes with a lack of rainfall. Currently, more than half of the Country is in some state of drought. Farmers nationwide are feeling the impact and you too could expect to feel the blow. News 13 visited Balliet Farms in Drums Thursday afternoon where the crops aren’t looking too bad, for now. But the crops weren’t great just a couple of months ago. The heat in June stressed and wilted the corn crops and the valley Farm did suffer some losses. But owner Matt Balliet tells us we are pretty lucky in this region thus far and that every bit of rain is making all the difference. Balliet is hoping more rain is on the way to help local crops like his hold out. Crops in the mid-west aren’t doing so hot and more and more farmers are seeing signs of damaged good as the US faces the largest drought since the 1950’s. Corn and soybean crops seem to be suffering the most leading to a rise in grain prices.

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