Cuts Could Affect Businesses in Greater Hazleton

Job cuts Could Affect Greater Hazleton

You may not be losing hours at your job, but with the posibility of thousands of Tobyhanna Army Depot  employees working less, Donna Palermo said the entire economy will suffer. As the President of the Greater Hazleton Chamber of Commerce,Donna works with businesses all around the greater Hazleton area. She said less Money means less business even for greater Hazleton. Sheila Moyer is nervous for those who may have to go without because of a cut in pay. Donna said those people will have to re-evaluate what’s important to buy.  So far the Tobyhanna Army Depot has frozen hiring, and 150 Tobyhanna employees have opted for early retirement.  The Depot hasn’t furloughed any of it’s workers yet. Donna said things may not even have to go that far. Sheila is thinking positively. She hopes the cuts won’t happen.



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