County Plans to Set Up Re-Vote

Luzerne County Courthouse

Candidates and the County agree, man-made mistakes may have potentially influenced the outcome of the election for Hazleton Area School Board candidates. The vote was close, too close for one school board member who’s petitioning for a re-vote. Luzerne County’s Election Bureau didn’t notify  Schuylkill and Carbon Counties, that Hazleton’s Steve Hahn withdrew his name from the race. He received around 500 votes that might have gone to other candidates. That’s why 25 Luzerne County residents signed the position for a re-vote. Luzerne County admits it messed up. The petitioner’s attorney, Bill Vinsko is working with Luzerne County to fix the issue. They’ll be holding a hearing to find a solution in the next couple of weeks. Vinsko said Luzerne County’s error has left the integrity of the election law at stake. They’re looking to find the most economical and most fair resolution for everyone involved in the election. But it doesn’t come without a cost. If the court doesn’t want to move forward with this option, County workers said they’ll go back to the drawing board to find a more suitable resolution. County officials said they’re doing their best to pitch in for the fees and move  forward with this issue .



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