Corbett Visits STEM School


“Who is going to create the next robot that maybe travels on the moon or solves problem? Who is going to build a building?”  said Governor Tom Corbett, Tuesday.

That person could easily be junior, STEM School student, Erin Wilson. Tuesday, she volunteered and showcased her classroom’s project to Governor Tom Corbett during his visit to the Hazleton Area’s STEM school in Drums. Corbett had some hands on experience with the new technology in the building.

“I’m very impressed. I knew it was coming. When you don’t get to see it and then you get to walk around and see this. It’s a little bit different from the high schools we went to. It’s meeting the needs of the students of the 21st century instead of the 20th century,” said Corbett.

The governors stop in Northeastern PA was as important to the governor as it was to the students.

“So many ways for us to do a lot here and get far in life . This school, for him to be here it means a lot for us , because he did so much to help us here,” said Haley Hornak, sophomore.

Corbett had some help from Government officials cutting the ribbon during the special ceremony. For local officials this school is a step in the right direction. As for Erin, she has high hopes for her future she said she will continue using her new found skills and eventually help others do the same.



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