City Christmas Tree Dies

After being planted nearly a year ago, the City of Hazleton will be
saying goodbye to what was supposed to be a “permanent” Christmas tree
outside of City Hall.*
*The reason simply being, the tree is dying. Hazleton Mayor, Joe
Yannuzzi met Tuesday with a representative from Penn State as well as
two members of the Shade Tree Commission, who confirmed the tree’s
condition. It is believed that a some sort of bug got at the tree and
killed it. The city plans on removing the tree from the lawn of City
Hall on Tuesday, October 9th. This move will actually solve another
problem. A veteran war memorial that sits behind the large tree will
once again be front and center on the lawn making many local Veterans
happy. When the tree was first planted, many vets expressed their
displeasure saying the tree blocked the monument and they demanded the
tree be moved or the City move the monument.

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