Butler Supers Forgo Insurance









Call it a change of heart for two Butler Township Supervisors after
announcing Wednesday they will forgo receiving reimbursement from the
township for Medical Insurance residents not happy after hearing of the
supervisors plan to use Butler’s money for health care. Taxpayers asked
Supervisors Brian Kisenwether and Charlie Altmiller to nix the idea. One
resident even took an ad out in the local newspaper calling on fellow
residents to back him up. Wednesday in a news release, Butler Township
Supervisors Brian Kisenwether and Charles Altmiller announced that they
will forgo the reimbursement, saying the confusion started because
recent policies within the insurance industry enables insurance
companies to deny coverage if you are not a “full-time employee”. The PA
Second Class Township Code clearly states that Township Supervisors are
entitled to health insurance. However, according to the Supervisors, since insurance companies no
longer cover non-employees, the Supervisors opted for reimbursement for
their personal coverage. Supervisor Kisenwether said quote “I heard the
people and I am proud to represent the people in the Township. I ran for
office because I love this valley and I want to do everything in my
power to move this Township forward.” Supervisor Altmiller said quote “I
have the utmost respect for the people I represent and am more than
willing to make this financial sacrifice if the people of Butler
Township feel so strongly about it.” Both Supervisors plan to reach out
to the State Legislators to address the language in the Second Class
Township Code. As far as the third Supervisor in Butler Township, Ransom
Young, he received Health Insurance through the Township as a full time
road foreman until he was eliminated from that position, not as a
Supervisor. Young tells us that he never had any intentions of accepting
township money to pay for his own personal insurance. Young does however
agree that the Second Class Code does need to be re-evaluated. Young
also said he was surprised he needed to learn of the Supervisors
decision from the media and wasn’t notified personally.

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