Bomb Threat

A threat of there being a bomb inside a business at the Can Do Corporate
Center in Drums, Luzerne County, closed roads and called for bomb
sniffing dogs to report to the scene. News 13 was there as the business
was evacuated and all of the employees were told to wait by the nearby
Hotel at the entrance to the Corporate Center. We’re told the company,
New Global Marketing incorporated which operates the online retail
company, is where the threat was made and about
40-50 people work there. The business is on Hillside Dr. Valley Regional
Fire and Rescue personnel, with the help of other local fire fighters,
Butler Township Police and State Troopers, evacuated the building and
closed down nearby roads to make sure if there was really an explosive
device in the building, that everyone in the area would be safe. Again 2
bomb sniffing dogs arrived on scene right around 3 o’clock and just
after 4:30 p.m., cleared the building, finding nothing suspicious. The
roads were re-opened along with the business.

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