Bar Shut Down For Night

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A bar shut down over the weekend after some brawls broke out…
Hazleton police closed the Prestigio Bar and Restaurant at 40 North
Wyoming Street after being summoned to quell two fights within a 2-hour
period Saturday night.
Police said the first fight, was around 7:30 p.m. when several customers
got into a brawl which included throwing bottles at each other leaving
one man hit in the head…
Police said the unidentified man sustained severe facial injuries and
went to the hospital…
The second incident started about 10 p.m. at the bar, then spilled out
onto Green street.
Police said one combatant was armed with a hand gun, and that he fled
the scene before they arrived.
While investigating that incident officers saw another fight going on
inside the bar, settled the argument and ordered the bar closed for the
rest of the night.
Investigating officers are asking anyone who was witness to the fights,
or knows anything helpful to their investigation to call them at 9-1-1.

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