Assistance for Local Veterans

Just a reminder to all local Veterans living in and around Greater
Hazleton…Some free and important services will be available to you and
your families outside the Laurel Mall on Tuesday January 10, 2012
The Department of Veterans Affairs’ Mobile Veterans Center will pull
into the Mall Parking Lot at 9:30 Tuesday morning
The United States Department of Veterans Affairs operates the Mobile
Center to reach veterans in under served areas and has been to Hazleton
at least two times in the past with the help of State Representative
Tarah Toohil…
Some of the services provided through the center include:
• Individual and group counseling.
• Marital and family counseling.
• Bereavement counseling.
• Medical referrals.
• Assistance in applying for VA benefits
Employment counseling, guidance and referrals and Alcohol and drug
Members of Representative Toohil’s staff will be on hand to answer any
questions about state programs available to military veterans.

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