Arrests Made in 13 year old Beating

3 arrests have been made in connection with the abduction and beating of
a 13 year old girl…
It happened in Hazleton last week, in broad daylight…and the victim
was left in a playground bleeding with serious injuries to her face.
Hazleton City Police Chief Frank DeAndrea says it was thanks to tips
from the public that 3 female high school students are now facing some
pretty serious charges and the chief says the abduction and beating of
the 13 year old…is gang related. He called the media together Tuesday
afternoon to announce the developments with the Luzerne District
Attorney, Police Officers and Detectives who investigated along with
Hazleton Area School District officials. The teen was abducted from
outside of the Hazleton Elementary Middle School, something was put over
her head so she could not see, was driven around the city and then to
the Altmiller playground where more people were waiting and thats when
she was beaten. While 3 teens are right now in trouble with the law and
with the school district facing possible expulsion, there could still be
more arrests to come as the investigation continues. Police tell News 13
the victim is healing medically but the emotional scars could take
awhile to heal. She has not returned back to school as of Tuesday. Since
the incident, City police have stepped up patrols around schools in
Hazleton. If you know anything about the other teens who may have been
involved in this incident call Police right away.

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