Armed Robbery

After running her hair salon for the past 28-years, a Hazleton woman experienced something more frightening than ever before when a self proclaimed drug addict, pointed a gun at her and demanded money. Police say Shawn Shaffer robbed the Hazleton beauty shop and is now on his way to jail. The horrific hold-up happened at Shirley’s Hair Salon along Alter Street Wednesday morning. Just before 8am, Shirley’s first customer arrived. While cutting his hair, she got a knock at the door. It was a young man, later identitifed as Shaffer, requesting a hair cut. Shirley let him inside and he took a seat, waiting for his turn. Shortly after being seated, Shaffer said he had forgotten his wallet in the car and he would be right back. He returned minutes later with a gun in hand and pointed it at Shirley, demanding money. His explanation for taking the cash? He was a drug addict. Shirley complied with Shaffer. By the time he left, Shirley had a detailed description of the man. She called police and soon after Shaffer was arrested at a apartment building, only a block away from the hair salon. Once in handcuffs, Shaffer still gave police a hard time and tried to run, but in the end he didnt get very far and got hurt trying to flee. He was taken to the hospital before being taken to the Police Station and then to court. As for Shirley, she plans on taking extra safety precautions at her salon, by installing surveillance cameras on her property.

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