All Hallow’s Eve

Today may be known as Halloween for many, but the true meaning behind this day is much more than costumes and candy. Today is known as All Hallow’s Eve, a day to honor our loved ones who have passed over. As a psychic and reiki master, Shirlet connects with the spirit world on a daily basis, and has talked with spirits since she was just seven years old. She says All Hallow’s Eve is a very special time for the spirit world. On this day, she recommends families have a silent supper. Safely light some candles and display pictures of your loved ones who have died. Shirlet says, All Hallow’s Eve traditions were popular in the 17 and 18 hundreds. Since that time, the true meaning has faded and become more commercialized, even adding a scary side, which is far from how the holiday started. The reality is, Halloween has changed dramatically over the years, even bringing some negative, bad energy to the holiday. Shirlet suggests you watch out for that and concentrate on the positive!

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